Twisty Nectar Collector

Twisty Nectar Collector

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This nectar collector for your Twisty doubles your functionality!  Now you can both smoke herbs or dab concentrates.  If you dab with a full Twisty, your vapor will also enrich the herb over time.  Talk about a head rush!

Our Nectar Collector is made from solid Titanium and platinum-cured silicone; It may even last longer than your Twisty. maybe. 

Note that there are two sizes, regular and mini / slim.  You must choose one or the other based on the size of your Twisty.  For XL and Titanium Twisty choose regular size collector.

The Twisty™ Collector is an attachment piece for your Twisty™ Glass.

    Note: Twisty™ Glass is not included with Twisty™ Collector orders.


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