FLAGSHIP Twisty X Suka Combo

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Get BOTH flagship products from the world leader in pipe design only here at 7Pipe. The world famous Twisty and our UFO-inspired Suka pipe.  And did you know that you can assemble these two pipes together for the ultimate smoking experience?

Here's how it works: Insert the Twisty Original pipe into the trackball of the SUKA pipe (take out the glass bowl first). The innovative design allows for a seamless integration, providing an enhanced smoking experience. Enjoy the smooth hits and convenience of this dynamic duo, all in one sleek package.

This combo includes the Twisty nectar collector which converts your Twisty into a dab straw.  If you enjoy hash as well as flower, you’ve just doubled your pleasure.

Try the Twisty Original and SUKA Pipe combo today, and discover a whole new level of smoking pleasure.

This combo comes with:

1 Twisty™ Glass Original

1 Suka pipe

1 Twisty™ Collector